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Together, here's what we've accomplished!

Will you help a veteran heal today?


More than 8,000 veterans have taken their lives this year.

22 Veterans will take their lives today. 

As we enjoy our freedoms that are protected by military members, it's hard to imagine a life where we are unable to enjoy simple things such as peacefully watching television in the evening or taking your family out shopping and to dinner. But, these simple pleasures in life are not available to many of our veterans as a result of the trauma they experienced while serving. In fact, two-thirds of veterans who receive conventional treatment for PTSD still have symptoms. Usually when people come to this realization they immediately want to help, but aren't sure how.

 At HOOVES we have spent over a decade refining our process of being able to reach veterans in the most difficult situations, and helping them transform Post Traumatic Stress into Post Traumatic Growth. Among many other mental and emotional improvements, ten out of every twelve veterans that attend a HOOVES Retreat report COMPLETELY eliminating thoughts of suicide.


HOOVES evidence based process has PROVEN results in saving the lives of our service men and women, and our donors take pride in knowing that every dollar they give does towards saving the life of a veteran. 

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Sponsor a Veteran: Retreat cost per veteran is $2,000. You can sponsor a veteran through a retreat in full or in part. Each hour of healing is $50

Sponsor a Horse: The cost to provide feed and care for a horse is $300 per month. You can sponsor a horse for a full month or weekly for $75

Become a Sustaining Partner: Join our monthly giving club for any amount that suits you

Join our Capital Campaign: Donations of $500 an above will receive a plaque on our donor wall. 

HOOVES provides workshops at no cost to our Veterans because of


There are many ways you can help.

Financials are not available prior to 2016 because this program was 100% funded by the founder  







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