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Miles of Freedom

Find healing one mile at a time

Just like a bicycle chain is made up of links that work together to propel the bicycle forward, Miles of Freedom is a group where veterans gather to support, grow and heal together on the trail through adventure cycling.



Our Mission:

Miles of Freedom is a healthy outlet implementing a proven system that helps veterans re-connect, find purpose and gain confidence in an adventure driven environment that fosters community, creativity, and personal growth.

Program Details:

Miles of Freedom aims to provide a healthy alternative for veterans to overcome substance abuse, process trauma, cope with stress, connect to a like-minded community and build new skills. Eligible participants are provided with a program owned expedition bicycle and gear needed to complete multi-day cycling adventures. Throughout the six-month program, participants will attend weekly rides lead with mindfulness topics of discussion as well as trip planning meetings. As the course progresses, the distance and intensity of rides will increase, to include 3 multi-day trips. At the end of the six months, if the veteran has attended the required number of rides, they will receive their own expedition bicycle to continue their adventures.


Our 2022 grant to issue bicycles for veterans is sponsored by the Lucas County Veterans Service Commission and funds are allocated for Lucas county veterans. Veterans from any county are welcome to participate in rides with their own expedition bicycle or one of our program bikes as available. 


Physical Health Benefits 
o   Metabolism increases for weight loss
o   Improves cardiovascular health
o   Tones muscles
o   Increases brain power
o   Better sleep
o   Improves coordination and balance


Mental Health Benefits

o   Decreases stress

o   Releases endorphins

o   Increases mental freedom

o   Provides sense of adventure

o   Boost’s self-confidence

o   Promotes living in the moment   


Skill Building
o   Encourages problem solving
o   Requires focus and planning
o   Fosters communication and community
o   Speeds up processing skills 
o   Expands situational awareness


Environmental Benefits

o   Avoid public transportation

o   Safer than car travel

o   Save money on transportation costs

o   Environmentally friendly


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