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Our Impact, Values, Mission & Vision

Our Impact...

We offer a proven solution. After completing a H.O.O.V.E.S. veteran healing intensive, attendees report the following improvements:

83% Reduction
in Suicidal Ideation
73% Reduction
in Substance Coping
99% Reduction
in Self-isolation
47% Reduction
in Night Terrors
April 2023 Retreat-136_edited_edited_edi

Our Values...


Show empathy, understanding, and care for the challenges faced by veterans.


Conduct all activities with honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior.


Treat veterans, volunteers, and partners with dignity, respect, and inclusivity.


Strive for excellence in program delivery, equine care, and organizational practices.


Empower veterans to take an active role in their healing journey, fostering their independence and personal growth.


Embrace creativity, adaptability, and innovation to continuously improve and expand the impact of equine therapy.


Responsibly manage resources, including finances and equine welfare, to ensure sustainability and long-term impact.


Prioritize the safety and well-being of veterans, volunteers,
and horses in all activities and interactions.


Express gratitude to donors, supporters, and the broader community for their contributions and trust in the organization.

Our Mission...

To harness the transformative power of equine healing by enlisting rescued horses to assist veterans in turning their post-traumatic stress into post-traumatic growth.

Our Vision...

To create a world where veterans find profound healing and personal growth through the transformative power of equine therapy. We envision a future where every veteran has access to our programs, and where the bond between rescued horses and veterans becomes a catalyst for positive change.


"Post-traumatic growth is not about returning to the same life but rather creating a new life, a life that honors the suffering that brought you here."


G Dr. Arielle Schwartz, PhD Clinical Psychologist

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