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Horses are a lot like us socially.

The HOOVES program encourages veterans to work on building a relationship with horses - reading cues and working together to accomplish tasks. This connection helps the veteran learn how to improve their relationships with others; to better understand themselves. And to better cope and adapt to the world around them.

The workshops use a series of experiential activities to help build emotional and relational skills 


•Action oriented – accomplish specific tasks to gain confidence, learn to adapt and improvise

•Focus on non-verbal communications – build awareness of healthy communication styles

•Real time learning – develop effective ways to deal with relationships and everyday life

Workshops are always free for veterans

Program Workshops

Group Sessions

During a workshop veterans are encouraged to build a relationship with the horses, read cues and work together to accomplish a series of challenges. No horseback riding is involved. This connection creates a feedback loop and valuable learning experience for dealing with past struggles. Training is designed to promote social growth and self-awareness to better cope and adapt to the everyday life. Although the experience can be valuable to any individual it can be especially helpful with reintegration to civilian living. Sessions last about eight hours and are closed to non-participants for privacy. 

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions may be requested after completing a group workshop. These unique coaching sessions focus on specific barriers the individual is ready to overcome. Like group workshops no horseback riding is involved. The training usually takes about three hours and are available by appointment only.

  • Healthier relationships

  • Improved social skills

  • Increase in community activity

  • Reduced feelings anger

  • Greater sense of self control

  • Better quality of sleep

  • Diminished desire to isolate

  • Greater confidence in public

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