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Healing Our Veterans is an experiential 4-part docuseries created to show the world the healing power of horses as they help veterans transform Post-Traumatic Stress into Post-Traumatic Growth.


This film speaks to the need of mental health as it brings to life the journey of 9 veterans completing a transformational process that liberates them from the demons in their head, allows them to intrinsically connect to a new purpose, and ultimately find peace of the heart and mind. 

This mission of this documentary is to bring hope to those struggling with the effects of trauma and to help those who support our veterans understand what they experience at a deeper level.


Join Our Post-Production Team!

If you're as excited as we are about the hope and healing this docuseries will bring, we invite you to join us in post-production. You can join the team with a gift of any size, and we even have special opportunities for those who would like to get involved at a higher level. 

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The Producers

Josh Nagel 2019 poloroid.heic

Josh Nagel

Josh Nagel Productions is an award-winning video production company located in Toledo, OH.  Josh Nagel is the Founder and Lead Cinematographer of this company and he has over 11 years of experience in the video production industry. Since then, Josh has developed his dynamic, compassionate video story-telling style through experience, unique vision, and personal connections Josh forges with people. 

He has a highly skilled team of creators who are passionate about the video production process. Josh offers various videography styles, combined with abundant creativity, ensuring clients a professional and reliable service with the best end product. 
Destination wedding services are available at Josh Nagel Productions. Josh Nagel Productions also provid
es high quality video production services in the midwest and around the world.  

Amanda Held

Amanda Held is a Human Potential Practitioner, Published Author, Air Force First Sergeant and the founder of H.O.O.V.E.S. Through decades of studying horse and human behavior, Amanda has developed powerful insights and evidence-based solutions that help veterans transform Post Traumatic Stress into Post Traumatic Growth. Amanda's passion is to deliver powerful workshops and retreats that create a clear path for participants to access deep levels of awareness and move into self-mastery. Amanda has earned a place in the 2022 Success Magazine's "125 People of Influence" by spending over a decade empowering veterans, equestrians, therapists, facilitators, executives, and businesses, from grassroots to Fortune 50, gain the clarity and confidence necessary to obtain their high-level goals with ease.


Featured in the Film


Annalise Sunshine


Jason Lenhardt


Rich Weaver


Lloyd Weaver


Ryan Gibbs


Adam Wilson


Eric Logsdon


Kelly Griffiths


Dave Baker

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Tim Sixberry

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