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I’ve suffered with anxiety and depression for 15+ years...

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

...and I was lucky enough to find this intense therapy horse retreat in Ohio that accepted me into this month’s class. I spent the past 5 days there and it changed my life, and I personally saw it do the same for the other 12 people in my group. The best part was that my friend/neighbor went with me and got the same out of it and now we’re connected in the best way.

The foundation of the work we did was to learn to understand that depression and anxiety are symptoms and they’re trying to tell you that you’re not living your life according to it’s blueprint (basically, your values and intrinsic belief system). We learned how to identify WHY we had these issues and instead of medicating them (seriously, I’m on 5 meds right now between this and insomnia), it teaches us to identify and fix the issue to live within our blueprint and to let go of anyone or anything that doesn’t serve us or add value. It’s kooky, I get it and I felt that way too for the first few days, but now I believe in the work they do so strongly that I wanted to share in hopes to help some of my friends. We worked with the horses because they are insanely connected to our energy and can read us like a book. Again, I was super skeptical, but it’s real. Trust me, I don’t even like horses and I’ve got a huge bruise on the top of my foot from one stomping me on day one.

Anyways, if you want any information or know somebody struggling, I’m happy to answer any questions. Its open to military and first responders and now you can even go if you’re neither, but have a military person to sponsor you. It’s a non-profit that is actively saving lives and they raise money to cover the $2500 per person rate. They’ll even buy your plane ticket if you can’t afford it. These people are literally angels amongst us for the work that they do. Please consider researching them yourselves and donating if you have the means. It was a lot of work, but so worth it. Thanks for reading and helping me normalize mental healthcare.

By Misty Pryce | One of Our September 2023 Veteran Graduates

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